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 Everything you do in CoD is negative

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Everything you do in CoD is negative Empty
PostSubject: Everything you do in CoD is negative   Everything you do in CoD is negative EmptyTue Jan 25, 2011 10:08 pm

So, here's my post; Why is everything we do, as players of Call of Duty, a negative in the eyes of every other player in the game.

Let's see - this is a FPS gaming, a game where you shoot enemies, and get kills, and receive points for said kills. In short, the objective of the game is to kill the enemy. This goes for ALL game modes. Search & Destroy, Sabotage, Demolition, HQ, CTF - whatever. (I say this because generally you can't plant or defuse the bomb without getting kills. OR capture the HQ or flags without it either)

How come when you snipe and 'look down your scope' - You're a "hardscoping noob"
How come when you kill a lot of enemies, and win - You're a "killwhore"
How come when you go positive in TDM - You're a "tryhard"
How come when you run with a clan - You're obviously a "wannabe MLGer"

I understand that children make the gaming environment the way it is. Trash talk non stop. I played for about 4 hours yesterday with my clan (just pub rolling) and there was not one game where we weren't trash talked to the extreme. Did we lose even 1 game? No, but still - the environment is irritating sometimes.

I just don't understand this. People say "Gaming has always been like this" - I played competitive Counter-Strike for 5 years. Never did I encounter children making up such stupid names for things they don't like happening to them.

Yeah I went 85-6 in Demolition - How is that killwhoring when 2 of the 3 rounds we played we were on Defense and your crappy team couldn't even get the bomb down?

Yeah I snipe and when I do, I don't run around doing "360 no sc0pz" I sit back and move cautiously, yet still help my team advance and get positioning on the enemy. I use my guys breathing to make sure I get the kill, so I don't sit there going "WTF WHY DIDNT MY 360 NO SC0PZ HIT HIM I AIMED IT RIGHT AT HIM I THINK"

This one probably baffles me the most. "Tryhard" - Who in the right mind plays a game to lose? I guess all the little kids do, because they're the ones calling you a "tryhard" Just because you got dominated, owned, served, whatever you want to call it, doesn't mean I'm/we're trying our hardest. We play the game to have fun, if you're getting upset over the fact that you can't have fun while owning another team, than I guess you need to find a new game.

I just don't understand. Where did all these stupid phrases come from? The MLG forums? Every day it seems like kids are making up another stupid phrase that relates to a way to "be bad" or "get owned" in CoD, and each and every time a new one comes out, it sounds more stupid than the last.


Sorry for the annoyance of this post, it just grinds my gears to hear this crap all the time and I had to vent.

-Posted on Call of Duty.com by someone else (not by me)-
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Everything you do in CoD is negative
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